The quietness and the history of the place are ideal for those who want to escape from everyday life, relax and think about themselves. The place is idyllic and inspiring. The view on the gulf, Mount Vesuvio, Capri, Ischia and Procida inspired in the past both the tenor Enrico Caruso and Lucio Dalla who wrote for him one of his most famous songs.

Brief history

Marina della Lobra is an ancient religious and mercantile center for its maritime trade with Naples ( Porta di Massa ). It owes its name to the “ Delubrum ”, the sacred temple dedicated to Hecate or Proserpine. In the twelfth century the first seat of the episcopate – Lobrano – was erected. Near the convent of the Friars Minor there is the sixteenth-century Church of Santa Maria della Lobra, located over the sea. After the destruction of Massa Lubrense in 1465 by the Saracens, the church became a cathedral.

In 1512 the bishop’s seat was moved to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Because of the sea and the incursions by the Saracens, the church in Marina della Lobra was in terrible conditions. For this reason, it was moved higher up on the hill where it still today stands. Close to it there is the convent which was probably finished not later than 1530.

The watchtower built in the previous century became part of the property. In the room there are still today the loopholes that allowed soldiers to look down and hit the enemies with arrows and stones. The continuous pirate raids led the friars to adapt their farming to be able to use the fruit and vegetables also during the siege. This is why, inside the cloister and the internal garden, there are still today, banana plants even if they are not typical plants of the area.